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World Class Software for Niche Interests

Do you have an idea for an application that would have a small but very active group of users?

But, you think that you have to choose between a very standard web page that does not do what want or an expensive custom app?

We want to use the latest tools to change that. We can rapidly and cheaply build multiplatform applications for you using Angular and WebApps so that you can have high functionality apps at a cost point suitable for small user groups.

So, if you have a group or idea for an app with a small but dedicated user group, or if you need crowd sourced data, press the button below to contact us.

What We Do

We develop Webapps, Apps, Community Apps using the latest technologies 


Community Tools

We specialise in creating Web and Native Applications to build communities and crowdsource data from those communities

e.g The Big Cannon Project

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